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Forward-thinking companies in Bangladesh are using AI to save cost, convert more consumers, accelerate speed-to-market, increase customer delight, and achieve other important goals and objectives.

Unilever achieved 260% of its stretch target for consumer conversion in countrywide brand promotion campaigns in 2021 by using Fordo, a precision marketing AI product.

bKash gained 76% productivity in serving 525,000 active outlets using Biponon, a retail AI product. bKash has also gained 15% monthly onboarding growth rate while serving 74,000 active merchants by using Nimontron (another retail AI product) that also allows them to complete eKYC in 10 minutes which used to take 2 working days.

IDLC Finance is processing central bank's CIB reports under 30 minutes—which used to take the team three working days—using Dharapat, a FinTech AI product. Soon, the team would also start analyzing 52 banks’ financial statements using AI.

Telenor saved 92.5% cost in completing 25 million consumers' KYC in Myanmar using Borno and Chotur, two document verification AI products.

But how did these teams achieve these remarkable results? Were these straight-froward? How painful were these journeys, what were their learning?

  • How can AI help us?
  • For which projects, can we think about AI?
  • Is our business ready?
  • Will we need to change our processes?
  • Do we even have enough data?
  • Who needs to be in our AI project team?
  • What will we need to train our team members? Will they be able to learn it?
  • Is there a reliable partner?
  • How do we assess an AI team?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What does the timeline look like?
  • What are the stages of an AI project?
  • How do we assess if our AI is good enough?
  • What is the difference between analytics and AI?
  • What are the risks?

In the coming weeks, we will open this site to share detailed case studies of these innovative organizations in Bangladesh who are using AI to accelerate organizational priorities, and to navigate critical business challenges.

Taking these learning, you will be able to determine specific high-value use cases for your organization.

And, you will also find guidance on how you can measure the ROI. Because, at the end of the day, this is all a cost-benefit question, isn’t it? :-)

Companies in Bangladesh are gaining 32 taka for every 1 taka spent in AI. Learn from their case studies and access proven framework to determine how you can use AI to make giant leaps in your organization's journey.